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Leave the dressing on for 24 to 48 hours if possible. If it comes off replace with a similar dressing. If it sticks on when you are removing it just soak for a while with soapy water. If you can take Extra Strength Tylenol then take one or two of these as needed for the pain...(download full version).

There are a number of creams used for burns and wounds small and large. The main and best one that we know of is Silvadene®. We prescribe it often. You must however get the real thing. Most medications we prescribe are just as good in the generic form but not Silvadene. You must use the real thing or your wound may worsen. Some patients come into the office using some generic...(download full version).

There are many dieting techniques. I call many of them fads. Those with weight gain problems jump from one diet to another because they are not getting the results that are promised by the technique. Regardless of the type of diet they all have one thing in common...(download full version).

Vitamins are chemicals that your body needs yet is unable to make. Most substances your body needs can actually be made from the things we eat. Carbohydrates can be made into proteins or into fats. Fats can be made into cholesterol, steroids, hormones...(download full version).
Dr. Ali Haas was Chief Resident and Fellow in Plastic Surgery at Chapel Hill. Dr. Haas is trained and qualified to offer services such as breast augmentations, breast reductions, breast lifts, abdominoplasty, collagen injections, dermabrastion, ear pinning, eyelid lift, facelift, laser skin removal, tattoo removal, thigh lifts, tummy tuck, cleft palate, joint replacement, burn treatment, nasal surgery, rhinoplasty, wound care, skin surgeries and other plastic surgeries. The above represents the opinion of A. E. Haas, M.D. Venice Plastic Surgery, Venice Wound Center, Lakeside Medical Center. Copyright © 2009-2010 Venice Plastic Surgery.

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