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Cosmetic procedures are performed in a hospital or outpatient surgery center, not in office surgery rooms. We believe Anesthesiologists should be present to provide proper sedation or even general anaesthesia. This provides our patients proper surgical assistants, nurses, technicians all at the same time. This also provides a recovery room staffed with trained nurses, not just one nurse.


Facelift     Facelift Information     Facelift Brochure
A facelift, also known as Rhytidectomy, is a common procedure for individuals desiring a more youthful appearance. By removing a strip of skin in front of and behind the ear loose skin is pulled tight. This diminishes wrinkles in the lower portion of the face and upper neck. Rhytidectomy addresses the lower cheek area and the upper neck. Skin is removed from in front of and from behind the ear and the remaining skin is then pulled back.

Often other procedures are added and performed at the same time or in separate surgeries a few weeks later. This patient had her eyes lifted as well. This is also known as a Blepharoplasty.





Acne Scar Removal    
Ance Scar Removal Information

Dermabrasion or Sialobrasion scrape the skin surface and may require multiple treatments. This is the best method in many cases based on the individual patient. Dermabrasion, like many other Plastic Surgical procedures is performed on an out patient basis.
Laser Treatments
are based on burning the scarred areas with a very hot light called a Laser. Multiple treatments are often required regardless of the original size. A laser treatment is not a cure-all. A burn scar can result.
Chemical Peel is the other options. This treatment as well as Laser treatment may also worsen the acne scar. Most often we simply put the patient to sleep so there is no discomfort during the procedure.

Collagen Injections

The underlining tissue in your skin begin to breakdown which contribute to the development of wrinkles. Injections are done in the "Dermis" lower layer of the skin, deeper than topical treatments. This rebuilds volume from within your skin, making your skin tighter and fuller. Collagen fiber is naturally found in your skin.

     Dermabrasion Brochure
Dermabrasion is a process of rejuvenating the top layers of skin by a precise surgical scraping. Dermabrasion is effective at minimizing fine facial wrinkles as well as deep acne scars.

Ear Pinning/Reduction

Ear surgery offers immediate results to a patient seeking to minimize the size of their ears. Incisions are made and small elements of cartilage are removed, then the ear is reshaped by finely stiching the gaped section back together. The final look should be natural and proportional.

Eyelid Lift
     Eyelid Lift Brochure
Eyelid lift also known as Blepharoplasty, reduces fat pockets and loose skin around the eyes. See above face lift image for results. Surgery can help reduce puffiness, saging and dropping cause by aging, making you look younger and more energetic. This procedure is often part of an entire face lift as to rejuvenate the entire face.

Laser Skin Treatments

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W-Plasty is a procedure to remove very loose skin of the entire neck.

     Nasal Surgery Information     Nasal Surgery Brochure
Nose surgery is a process of reshaping the nose or changing the size, is used most often to reduce a prominent hump and to elevate the nasal tip. The nostril span can also be narrowed. Rhinoplasty may be done for aesthetic appeal, to correct birth defects or help with breathing issues.

Open Rhinoplasty - Skin is not lifted away from structure of the nose.
Closed Rhinoplasty - Incisions are made insdie the nostrils accessing the bone and cartilage.

Removal of Cancer

Cancer Removal Face - Skin Surgery

Cancer Removal Face - Skin Surgery


Breast Augmentation
     Breast Augmentation Information     Breast Augmentation Brochure
Breast enlargement is performed to increase the bust. It can also be used to take up some loose skin for a sort of Breast Lift. In some cases when small breasts are different sizes, Augmentation may help even out proportions. Sometimes the breast that is just beginning to droop can be lifted some by just adding breast implants.

Breast implants are also used in the reconstruction of the chest after mastectomy. In any case there is no age limit or time limit involved.

In this practice saline filled implants are the preferred type but silicone implants may be used as well. Incisions during surgery are mostly under the lower breast pole. We would not go through the nipples. Surgery through the arm pit and belly button, are not practiced at Venice Plastic Surgery.



Breast Lift

The breast lift procedure removes some skin and a little breast tissue to elevate the sagging breast.


Breast Reduction

When breasts are too large a breast reduction or Reduction Mammoplasty may be of benefit. The size and weight is reduced making for a more comfortable existence. Also a more perky look is achieved. Sometimes the weight reduction can reduce back pain and shoulder strap pain from the brassiere.

In other cases the breasts are the right size, just drooping. Then a breast lift is needed. Here only a minimal amount of breast tissue is removed but a lot of the loose skin is taken away. The position of the breast is elevated and the nipples are usually repositioned to a more elevated condition.

The down side to both procedures is that there are significant scars that result around the nipple and on the bottom of the breast. These scars do however fade with time.


Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
      Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Information     Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Brochure
Loose skin, fat deposits, and stretch marks can be unsightly and make the abdomen appear out of balance with the rest of the body. Tummy tucks are often completed in conjunction with liposuction for a full abdomen makeover. After having children, weight loss or just from aging, the skin looses its tension and in order to improve the area one must have both fat and skin excised. This is an Abdominoplasty.


Arm Lift

Arm Lift also known as Brachioplasty, is useful for aged skin and for correcting flabby skin after weight loss.

Liposuction     Liposuction (Lipoplasty) Information
Liposuction, otherwise know as Lipoplasty removes excess body fat tissues on many areas of the body such as neck, arm, thighs, buttocks. Fat accumulates in the hips, breasts and abdomen of women, the gut mostly in men. When the skin has enough elasticity to snap back then these and other localized fatty areas may be reduced. The procedure is not to lose weight or remove generalized fat. It is aimed at localized, discrete deposits.

Thigh Lift

This is the process of reshaping the thigh for a more proportioned look. Incisions are made and the tissue underneith will be reshaped and tighetend, while excess skin is removed.


Cosmetic skin surgeries are of several types. Some surgeries are to improve old scars. Other types of skin surgery are for the improvement of the skin surface as with laser or dermabrasion.  A face scarred from acne is best treated with dermabrasion.

Removal of Cancer

Tattoo Removal
     Tattoo Removal Information     Tattoo Removal Brochure
Laser treatments are based on burning the scarred area with a very hot light called a Laser. Multiple treatments are required regardless of the original size. A burn scar always results.

Dermabrasion or Sialobrasion scrape the skin surface and again require multiple treatments. In all of the above treatments the scar resulting is the size of the original scar or bigger. It may not be as prominent as the tattoo but it will be as big. Most often we simply numb up the area and remove the tattoo as if it was a superficial skin lesion or growth. For larger tattoos another procedure may be required. The results are always the same. The tattoo is completely gone and replaced by a straight line scar that is obviously much less noticeable.

Scar Removal     Scar Removal Information     Scar Removal Brochure
Scar conditions are the result of many things. They may result after trauma, from birth defects, fire, infection and from the persons own healing pattern. Traumatic scars are often treated by the Plastic Surgeon. In general, it is the nature of the wound itself that determines the severity of the scar from the onset. See the attached PDFs for more information on scar removal.

Acne Scar Removal     Acne Scar Removal Information
Picture / caption section follows:

Sometimes small accumulations of local fat deposits are amenable to improvements by the use of liposuction. Other times, as in this patient, more needs to be done. Here the patient underwent a tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty. This is an out patient surgery that removes fat and skin and muscle tightening can also be done. Note that this person is not overweight. She just had a local bulge. This is the time when the best results are seen. It is best to loose weight first, then have this procedure performed.

The above represents the opinion of A. E. Haas, M.D. Venice Plastic Surgery, Venice Wound Center, Lakeside Medical Center
Dr. Ali Haas was Chief Resident and Fellow in Plastic Surgery at Chapel Hill. Dr. Haas is trained and qualified to offer services such as breast augmentations, breast reductions, breast lifts, abdominoplasty, collagen injections, dermabrastion, ear pinning, eyelid lift, facelift, laser skin removal, tattoo removal, thigh lifts, tummy tuck, cleft palate, joint replacement, burn treatment, nasal surgery, rhinoplasty, wound care, skin surgeries and other plastic surgeries. The above represents the opinion of A. E. Haas, M.D. Venice Plastic Surgery, Venice Wound Center, Lakeside Medical Center. Copyright © 2009-2010 Venice Plastic Surgery.

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